Fabrication & Precision Machining Facilities

AMIGO Tech Industries having a facilities to Design, Fabricate and assemble the parts and ship Parts and delivery to clients locations across the world.

Design and Analysis

Our structural design team has experienced structural engineers and draftsmen who possess ability to work out for structural steel design and steel fabrication drawing requirements very effectively.

We have completed large number of steel fabrication design and shop fabrication drawings projects over the years with 100% customer centric approach and top quality.

Ability to provide on time structural steel fabrication design services to clients for their time critical projects makes us a specialist structural steel fabrication design and drawings company today.

We have knowledge of modern trends in structural steel fabrication industry and we use latest tools and technologies to give you most satisfactory steel fabrication solutions.

AMIGO OEM Metal Fabrication and Precision machining Services give manufacturers access to an integrated metal fabrication and manufacturing operation, steel inventory, and logistics support to produce large fabricated parts and subassemblies.

Our secondary processing and finishing facilities allow for low and mid volume metal fabrication, machining, metal finishing and shipping of assembly-ready large fabrications.

AMIGO Tech Industries ability to manufacture anything from single complex custom fabrications to multiple part projects, has allowed us to successfully partner with customers in industries such as agriculture, automation, forestry, gas & oil, machine builders, mining, packaging, paper processing, power generation, recycling, steel rolling, and water purification.

Our works

We have extensive experience in the Fabrication of Metals, Plastics and Composites for Aerospace, Electronics, Medical, Industrial, and Construction industries.

Precision machining is used on a number of materials including steel, bronze, graphite, glass and plastics to name a few.

Depending on the size of the project and the materials to be used, various precision machining tools will be used.

Any combination of lathes, milling machines, drill presses, saws and grinders, and even high speed robotics may be used.

The aerospace industry may use high velocity machining, while a woodwork tool-making industry might use photo-chemical etching and milling processes.

The churning out of a run, or a specific quantity of any particular item, can number in the thousands, or be just a few.

Precision machining often requires the programming of CNC devices which means they are computer numerically controlled.

The CNC device allows for exact dimensions to be followed throughout the run of a product.

AMIGO Tech Industries having Precision machinery to produce high accurate products

We provide a complete range of components from small bushings, to highly complex assemblies .Our machining capabilities are backed by a wide range of machining centers with a turning capability of up to 2 meters in length, cnc milling centers capable of handling all small to medium components with an envelope size of 20” width and 60” length, highly skilled machinists, an ERP system, experienced engineering personnel backed by our quality system that helps us to maintain a superior level of service to our customers. The well trained and knowledgeable program management staff at Discovery Precision Machining is at hand to support and provide all relevant information and status updates on customer account/ programs.

AMIGO Tech Industries Precision Machining is poised to emerge as an internationally renowned Aerospace component manufacturing supplier through its ongoing developments and upgrades in the quality, technology and service of the manufacture of components.




AMIGO Tech Industries has own facilities to design, fabricate structural construction , tanks and heavy fabrication parts such as tanks

From conception and design theories through build and installation, our fabrication experts assist your engineers in implementing precisely- designed information on every component we manufacture.

Metal fabrication is the building of metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling processes.

It is a value added process that involves the construction of machines and structures from various raw materials.

For design and drawing requirements, the plant is in close cooperation with its sister firm AMIGO Tech Industries, which is specialized in the design and engineering of industrial plants, bridges/viaducts and other structures utilizing extensively up-to-date CAD/CAM Systems with specific software.

Refineries, Petrochemical Complexes, Power Plants, Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms, Oil Export Terminals, Bridges/Viaducts, Major Industrial Buildings, Specific Steel Structures.

We have the resources to complete structural steelwork projects comprising up to 600 tonnes of steel

  • A high skilled workforce
  • Over 3600 sq metres of steel fabrication space
  • Full cutting, pressing and cranage facilities experienced project management team.
  • Structural Steelwork and Cladding
  • Intelligent Design
  • Skilled Fabrication
  • Quality Installation.

We also have the capability to take on projects such as

  • Cladding (including built up, standing seam and composite panel systems)
  • Hollow-rib floor decking
  • Small structures refurbishment and fire-damage repair

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